The Brownfield Navigator helps in choosing the best BF regeneration strategies, technologies and approaches by facilitating interactive stakeholder involvement and assisting in decision making at the level of area planning, managing a portfolio of sites, or project planning.

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Brownfield Navigator (BFN) is a web app created in the framework of the European project HOMBRE (HOlistic Management of Brownfield REgeneration) and aims to seek strategies, technologies and solutions in the management of degraded urban areas or brownfield sites, turning them into new areas of opportunity for society. Its methodology is based on a holistic view that studies the synergies that exist between the various elements of the environment. It is divided into three modules:

  • “Anticipating change”, where you can anticipate the emergence of these areas based on early warning indicators, referred to as “EWI”. For the development of this step, the application has a tool called BOWET that guide the process of identifying these areas. Also has support material, highlighting, for example, the library of examples.
  • “Make the transition”, stage where planning scenarios are displayed, enhancing decision-making in the field of spatial planning. This phase is applicable when is decided restore abandoned industrial area, for example, or is suspected of a site that can end up becoming an area like this. As it can see in the images, this phase includes several options, ranging from defining the vision and objectives of stakeholders to the measurement and estimation of waste resulting from possible demolitions in a flow chart adapted to RD 105/2008 de 1 de febrero, por el que se regula la producción y gestión de los residuos de construcción y demolición (Spanish law. The attached pdf is in Spanish).
  • “Check performance”, where you can check the achievements.

The application has abundant help in the form of manuals (see manual in the second link of section “More information”) and tutorials for each phase and items contemplated. It can be used and be explored freely by opening an account through the “New project” button and filling the required fields (title of the session / project, country, author, e-mail and password).

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Brownfield Navigator is a comprehensive tool intended to professionals working in urban planning and the recovery of degraded urban areas. Is particularly noted for the huge amount of information, with numerous references to studies and examples, also providing specific tools to facilitate decision making and control the development of these areas. Just to give a negative point, maybe the usability of the tool is not the best, since most of tutorials and manuals are to download, occupying some around 20MB, which makes difficult the use of this application in places with poor connection. It requires some investment of time to cover all the potential of this tool.

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