The Mapdwell Project is about enabling communities with information in order to drive sustainable practices, community awareness, energy efficiency, and smart development through the aggregate effort of individuals.

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Mapdwell is a web platform that has as main objective to provide information on the photovoltaic potential of the roofs of houses (tool patented like Solar System) according to a methodology developed by MIT Massachusetts.

The platform is structured in “communities”, work units whose inscription can be requested through a form available on the website. According to can be seen on the website, this entity would be comparable to a city or urban area of a certain size, although the website does not specify any constraint. At the date of preparation of this analysis, the system has registered seven communities in the US (Boston, Boulder, Cambridge, New York, Washington County, Washington DC and Wellfleet) and 2 in Chile (Lo Barnechea and Vitacura).

The process starts with the creation of a 3D model based on LiDAR data, aerial imagery and buildings planimetry. Taking into account local climatic conditions, the vegetation and the shadow produced by nearby buildings, the potential of the roofs to generate solar power is calculated. This capability is represented as dots. Dark brown indicates a low yield and shiny yellow, high. Once the map is created, each community of neighbors, family housing, shopping mall, institutional building, etc., is free to look for the construction of interest and see what possibilities offered the roof, including a reference about the capture of carbon equivalent. Also, you can configure a number of variables (deductions, initial investment, power, etc.), allowing greater accuracy in calculations. The system creates a summary report with all selected variables that can be used for making a final decision or submit a proposal.

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Mapdwell is a tool designed to study the possibility of installing a solar power system. Its creators say the system does not replace a counseling service by a registered professional because they consider Solar System may have a margin of error of ± 5%, remain as one of the most accurate tools on the market.
The tool, at the beginning, results a little overwhelming by the number of variables considered. Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to read the help provided by the platform, which is, however, ample and with numerous examples. The term “community” isn’t clearly defined, without knowing if it’s a choice that can have a group of people in their personal capacity (a residential estate, for example) or should be a request from an administration on a municipal or district level. It is also unclear if the request involves an economic cost to the applicant.
Also comment that according to the informations that are spreading, the project Sunroof that wants to launch Google has a resemblance to some of the functionality of Mapdwell.

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