The new Iberdrola Game Sostenibilidad app is a simple game where you will learn about the importance of Sustainability for preserving our planet by playing fun individual games with your family or friends, while you answer questions with various levels of difficulty about climate change, energy saving and efficiency, and clean energies.

Source: Iberdrola

Useful information

Download: Android 2.2 (13MB) / iOS 4.3 (13,9MB) / web

Price: free

Idioma: English / Spanish

Runs offline: partially

Last update: Android 11/11/2013 – iOS 11/11/2013

Website of the developer: Iberdrola


Question and answer game about sustainability and environment issues with three different topics: climate change, energy saving and efficiency and clean energies. The app includes also some questions about the initiatives that in this context develops the company. There are two profiles of difficulty: children (11-15 years) and adult (> 16 years). The maximum numbers of players is 4. The interface represents a board with 27 squares, some of which recorded double value, and a virtual dice that advances by them.

More information (game manual)



Simple and easy to use application, may end resulting repetitive and boring. In devices with small screens, operations such as the choice of profile in difficult. The level of questions, generally, is correct, with issues surrounding the Kyoto Protocol, types of wind turbines, correct use of a washing machine, etc. However, some answers considered as correct are debatable, since, for example, hydropower is considered a clean energy source but the construction often leads to numerous environmental impacts of different types.

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