Pick an investigation scientists are actively researching and add sightings from your own backyard, neighborhood or city. Each sighting will be paired with NASA satellite and weather data to help us identify ground level changes that correlate with bigger picture we’re seeing from space

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Useful information

Download: iOS  8.1 (16.8MB) / web

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: no

Last update: iOS 22/12/2016 (v. 1.2.4)

Website of the developer: ISeeChange

Notes: article updated on 04/02/2017


This application, which has the support of organizations and institutions such as NASA, allows citizens to document the effects about climate change that they see in their neighborhood or city, providing data at ground level that complement the information transmitted by satellites from space (at this moment, the mobile app there is only available por iOS users. The Android version is coming, but until that moment, remember that you can also use the web option).

The first time the application starts, you can see a small tutorial in which the objectives of the application are shown and the importance of citizen collaboration is explained.

ISeeChange Tracker has 4 main options:

  • Sightings, where, after opening a user account, you can report on a fact that has attracted your attention, marking its geographical location and the research in which is included. Later and based on location, additional informations concerning CO2 concentration at that point and the temperature and weather conditions are added (according to Forecast.io web data. Click on the location in degrees at the bottom right of observation to access this extra information).
  • Investigations, where you can choose the topic or topics in relation to which you want to make your contributions. Currently, there are 15 active issues (the following list includes the link to the section of the website):
  • Stories, section which explains and details via storytelling some of the observations pointed by different users.
  • Me, tab where you can configure your user profile.

More information


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Images: Screenshots 27/07/2016. © ISeeChange



The effects of climate change are becoming ever more clear. Throughout 2016 they have been broken several records of monthly global temperatures. In fact, “June 2016 was 0.9C hotter than the average for the 20th century, and the hottest June in the record which goes back to 1880”, as The Guardian published. These data are added to the informations that point to the progressive loss of ice in the Arctic, marking minimum year after year or the retreat of glaciers (to observe the changes that are experiencing these masses of ice, you can take a look to the app wgms Glacier).

All these data are collected and verified via satellite and complex measuring instruments on the ground, but it is possible that some of these effects are also perceptibles in your neighborhood or yard (trees that bloom earlier, unusual temperatures, etc.). These are exactly the type of local observations that application ISeeChange wants that you share (in a certain sense, it keeps points together with the app Fenodato). Although the application is in English, the ISeeChange team has confirmed via email that reports can also be made in other languages (they take charge of the translation to English. They have staff with knowledge of Spanish and Italian, for example). However, they say that the translation of the application into other languages will depend on the number of users involved. Although the application is easy to use (the additional information that is incorporated into each observation is especially interesting), perhaps would be convenient a reorganization of the various topics of observation, since their large number can cause some confusion.

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