#climate gathers all the most impactful climate change actions from a curated list of organizations to make it easy for you to find the best actions and tell the world

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Download: iOS 7.0 (12.9MB)

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: no

Last update: iOS 02/12/2015 (v. 1.3)

Website of the developer: ClimateX


The main objective of #climate is to transmit initiatives related to climate change, global warming, the impact of fossil fuels or other environmental problems promoted by different NGOs, taking advantage of the potential of social networks. The application also has the support of some celebrities and influencers who, with their ability to follow up, become speakers of many of these projects (as an example of this, the case shared by Rainforest Trust in the app download page about the success of an initiative which was supported by Guns N’ Roses and it reached millions of people).

The app works as follows (to go back in the different screens of the app, click on the logo of ClimateX in the upper left):

  • After downloading the app, the user must register using his Twitter or Facebook profile and select all the topics included in the application or those more interesting (clean energy, spread the facts, elections, urban sustainability, forest conservation, big oil and big coal, corporate citizenship, extreme weather and protect the oceans); the geographical region in relation to which you wish to receive notices (it has textual search option); the NGOs you want to support (at the time of writing this article, 187 organizations), including agencies and groups such as Oxfam, Greenpeace, ESRI or Oceana; and notification preferences (as updated, daily or weekly).
  • Once the app is configured, a list of initiatives that seek the support of the users is displayed (if you scroll this screen down, you will also find the option to navigate by topics). By clicking on each one, a sheet which includes the denomination of the action, which entity drives it, by whom it has been shared, what impact or objective is intended to achieve, a link to expand information and a justification of the project is displayed, plus a button to share it on Twitter or Facebook. The number of clicks on the top right refers to the number of times that other people clicked on the content you have shared on your social networks (to put it in some way, the engagement reached on Twitter or Facebook).
  • By clicking on Your stats, you access the statistics of the content that you have shared, that is, how many actions you have supported publicizing them through your social networks and the number of times others have clicked on that update (interaction data may take a few minutes to update). In this screen you also have access to the configuration of the app, from where you can modify the variables mentioned at the beginning.

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Images: Screenshots 20/03/2017. ©ClimateX



The primatologist Jane Goodall, in a visit made to Madrid in 2016, said that social networks (and apps) «facilitate the transmission of scientific and environmental knowledge» and can help raise environmental awareness. The problem is that the NGOs that develop their activity in the environmental field, especially the lesser known, do not always have the capacity to get their message or the initiatives they are developing to new followers. Therefore, it is necessary to develop marketing techniques such as the support of influencers that contribute to the amplification of the message (and the raising of funds).

This is the basis of the app #climate: facilitate people to share projects related to environmental protection with the possibility that famous people endorse the actions by sharing different initiatives in their social networks. So it is obvious that if you are developing a campaign to end with the litter in the oceans, for example, and you receive the support of Leonardo DiCaprio, your initiative will reach many more people (the attached image of the Sierra Club project clearly reflects this fact). Also, and although Twitter and Facebook still retain a significant number of users, it would also be interesting to include other social networks to expand the diffusion of the campaigns, such as an option to share a screenshot and spread it through Instagram.

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