This game helps K-12 students to explore the topics of environmental conservation. It reinforces the concepts of greenhouse gas reduction, using renewable energies, and making green product purchases

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Useful information

Download: iOS  7.0 (29.7MB)

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: yes

Last update: iOS 27/09/2015 (v. 1.0)

Website of the developer: National Library of Medicine


Run4Green is an application aimed that children become familiar with concepts related to the environment as greenhouse effect, renewable energy or green purchasing.

The menu consists of the following options:

  • Play, from which you access to the game levels (tutorial, six levels of play and one of survival). The goal is to jump over obstacles (polluting vehicles, light switches that turn off the lights in an empty building, etc.) that you encounter along the way and collect coins that serve to make green purchases (light bulbs, solar panels, bicycles, etc.). The tutorial (you have to complete in order to play) shows the different actions that you must complete to pass the level.
  • Info sheet, with short texts that explain the effect on the environment of each element that appears in the game.
  • Options, to change the volume of music and special effects (you can also mute these two variables with the icons on the top right). You can change the physical appearance of the game’s protagonist, represented by a world globe.
  • Store, a section in which you can change the coins that you have accumulated in the game for objects that contribute to the sustainability of the planet.
  • About this game, where the objectives pursued are explained.

More information

National Library of Medicine (Environmental Health Student Portal)

Images: Screenshots 01/08/2016. © National Library of Medicine



The children’s education in areas related to the environment is a key task for the future of the planet. According to the IUCN, environmental education can be defined as “the process of recognizing values and clarifying concepts in order to develop skills and attitudes necessary to understand and appreciate the interrelatedness among man, his culture and his biophysical surroundings. Environmental education also entails practice in decision-making and self-formulation of a code of behaviour about issues concerning environmental quality” (extracted from Hesselink, F. & Čeřovský, J.: “Learning to change the future“. September, 2008). One of the channels that can be used for this transmission of knowledge are the mobile applications, which, as on this occasion, take the form of a children’s play.

Run4Green goes in depth into the concepts related to greenhouse gases, renewable energy and green purchasing, showing the effect that pollution has on the game character and the means to recover energy. Although it is fun, it can be a bit monotonous after repeated use. It is missing also delve into some of the problems and solutions proposed in the information sheet or include details on the suitability of one or another green purchasing.

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