Track your impact as you tag and upload photos of the litter you collect […] We’ll use this to work with companies and organizations to find environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions

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Useful information

Download: iOS 8.0 (64.8MB)

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: partially

Last update: iOS 09/02/2017 (v. 1.8.1)

Website of the developer: Litterati


This mobile application aims to raise awareness about the problem of pollution caused by litter dropped in the streets. To achieve this goal, users photograph, tag, mapping and dispose correctly the litter they find on the street, uploading those images of wastes to a server and being able to display them on a map (it takes a couple of minutes to update the data).

At the time of writing this article, the application is undergoing several improvements. However, it remains operational, including the following options, accessible after opening a user account:

  • User account settings (icon in the upper left), from where you can customize your avatar, your name and your location, as well as see the number of images you have uploaded. Within this screen and from the icon at the top right, you can access a menu from which to restart your list of hashtags, clean your gallery of images (by clicking on this option, the uploaded image is deleted, although the record along with hashtags remain in the map) and contact with Litterati team.
  • From the upper right corner, you access the image gallery of your device, from where you can select which photos to tag and upload (the location is activated by default when taking the picture, trying to access first a possible Wi-Fi connection, a mobile connection or directly, to the GPS of the device), in addition to delete the gallery. To remove a single image, click on it and, on the label entry screen, press the red bin icon.

The central part of the home screen is occupied by the number of items photographed, which is updated periodically, and a button to access the camera of the device.

Litterati, fotografiando residuos sólidos

More information


Jeff Kirschner: This app makes it fun to pick up litter (TED video 6 min 10 sec)

Images: Screenshots 22/03/2017. Image of the map courtesy of Jeff Kirschner. ©Litterati



The generation of wastes, especially in urban areas, is an environmental problem that, far from being solved, increases with the passage of time. Many of these items are dropped on sidewalks, parks or beaches, as a result of an antisocial behaviour that many people show, wastes that can end up, for example, floating in the sea, contributing to aggravate the problem of so-called “waste islands”, polluting natural surroundings for several years or being ingested by animals, to which they can cause the death.

Litterati, through geolocated and tagged photographs taken by the users, wants to become a platform that not only serves to denounce these attitudes that are not respectful with the environment, using the famous maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words, but also to find solutions. Despite the simplicity of the idea, this format seems to have found a remarkable acceptance among the people, since Litterati receives daily around 1500 images from around the world, as Jeff Kirschner, founder of the project, confessed via email. Especially interesting is the use that school community is giving to this app, such as this tweet shared by Courtney Dennis highlights.

Courtney Dennis on Twitter

Since learning about @litterati app Monday my students have cleaned 203 pieces of #litter during their #recess @HumbleISD_LSE

These figures and the echo of the initiative has forced the creators of the app to rethink and redesign some options such as the map, which is undergoing an update that will allow a faster loading of images, improving the user experience. It is precisely this update that motivates a relatively low rating, waiting for the updates in the coming weeks, one of which is the release of the Android version.

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