Gro Recycling is a circular kids app — a play cycle — about recycling. Gro Recycling is foremost a fun game, but also a pedagogic way for kids and their parents to learn about taking care of our planets resources.

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Download: iOS 6.0 (117MB)

Price: 2.99$

Language: English

Runs offline: yes

Last update: iOS 31/03/2015

Website of the developer: Gro Play


Is an app especially designed for children under 5 years. Their mission is teach the importance of recycling. The game includes 6 different containers (paper, organic waste, plastic, etc.), in which you have to deposit the distinct kinds of residues (more than 100) incorporated in the application. Once filled, the containers are emptied into a machine that generates new recycled objects, beginning the cycle again.

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Go Recycling and, generally, work developed by the Swedish company Gro Play is an interesting sample of the existing niche on the development of educational applications of environmental nature. This application, that focus on aspects relating to waste and its proper treatment, a serious problem, is especially striking for its design and characterization of the characters.
However, besides the price, amount justified because the app does not show any advertising, we may include two findings that collect on the web “Apps für Kinder” mentioned above: the possibility of converting the game in repetitive and that the application has been developed based on the waste collection system of Sweden, and there are, therefore, some differences with other countries

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