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Download: iOS 10 (50.1MB)

Price: free

Language: English / Bulgarian

Runs offline: yes

Last update: iOS 15/01/2018 (v. 1.4.3)

Website of the developer: CogZum


Cogzum, the app that reduces the amount of food wasted in homes, has been updated. Although its purpose, already described in July 2017, remains the same, i. e. the management of food stored in a house, the latest versions have included numerous improvements. One of the main ones is that it is now also available for download in the United States, in addition to the United Kingdom, Ireland and Bulgaria (if you use any of the available languages, you can download it by changing store).

Ivo Dimitrov, the creator of the app, justifies this decision on the basis of the food waste statistics, which show that food waste in America is a 10% higher than in the European Union. Therefore, tools such as Cogzum can be highly effective.

New features and operation

This section describes the new functionalities of Cogzum. However, there is also a short review of the app’s operation.

  • First of all, new users now have a step-by-step guide to help them. This way, they can quickly learn how to create their lists using a template.
  • The introduction of the different foods is done in a similar way (click on New). Thus, when you start typing apples, for example, a list of suggestions is displayed so that you can make your selection quickly. This section has also been redesigned. Thanks to the collaboration of a chef, product description and category assignment has improved considerably. You also have new units to better characterize your products, including a new Low option. Remember also that you can enter a custom product name in other languages, mark the product as a favorite and add it as present or for purchase.
  • On the At home tab are the foods you already have at home and on To buy tab, you have the list with the products to purchase. In the first tab, the number on the left indicates the days remaining to be consumed. On the other option, you can edit the entries by clicking or delete by dragging them from left to right. In these two tabs and to facilitate graphical display, two variables have been introducedDue time (At home tab) and Last use (To buy tab). With the first variable, you check if the product is still within the optimal consumption period. The second variable allows you to see if the amount you bought last time was excessive.
  • The Reuse option, in addition to planning new purchases, quantifies your consumption and the food waste generated. The new Journal tab allows you to access a detailed report of consumed and wasted products.

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Images: screenshots and video provided by CogZum on January 2018. ©CogZum



Food waste is a serious problem affecting developed and developing countries alike. In fact, its reduction is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (Target 12.3) established by the United Nations in the framework of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Food waste is not just unethical or irresponsible behaviour. It also involves a huge economic cost estimated between 780 billion and 1 trillion dollars a year, according to an article published in HuffPost News. Similarly, the consequences of food waste are reflected in other areas such as water consumption, methane generation or the impact on biodiversity.

For these reasons, applications like Cogzum are really useful. To the virtues already highlighted in the first review (easiness of handling or notification system), new improvements are added, such as a better description of the products or the inclusion of new units of measure, which facilitate the management of the food inventoried items. It should also be noted that many of these new features are the result of requests made by different users through Facebook, where Cogzum has a dynamic community of followers. New features, such as synchronization between different devices or the creation of own categories, that are sure to receive attention in future updates, are still pending.

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