BreezoMeter is the world leader in location-specific real-time air quality data, already helping more than 5.5 billion people improve their health with actionable data

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Download: Android 2.3.3 (14.97MB) / iOS 9.0 (69.2MB)

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 26/12/2016 (v. 2.8) – iOS 18/12/2017 (v. 2.0.1)

Website of the developer: BreezoMeter


BreezoMeter is an air quality app to check the AQI in real time already analyzed previously, specifically, in June 2016. However, since December 2017, an update with numerous improvements is available. This is the reason that has led to the drafting of a new article. The new version is currently only available to iOS users, but the BreezoMeter team has already confirmed that they are working on the new version of Android.

The application has undergone a redesign of the original sections, incorporating new information modules.

Its operation is very simple:

  • Once installed, the app will ask you for permission to access your location. So, it can give you information about air pollution at your location. Please note that the app does not have information for every country in the world.
  • First, you will see the indicator created by BreezoMeter, called BAQI. As they explain on the website itself, this air pollution index makes it possible to homogenize information on air quality. In this way, the displayed value «provides a clear and intuitive way to read and understand real-time air quality information».
  • Then, based on air quality measurement, the app advises you which activities you can do. Includes recommendations for indoor, outdoor, children’s health, sports activities and sensitive groups.
  • The following module shows the concentration of the polluting gases (ppb and µg/m3). At the center, the dominant pollutant at that time. The different colours refer to the BAQI.
  • The Forecast section provides a forecast of the BAQI index. The time zone corresponds to the user’s location.
  • Finally, you have the air pollution map at your disposal. By clicking on it, you can maximize the view and zoom or click on other locations.

Also note that the new version allows to store different locations.


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Images: screenshots 19/12/2017. © BreezoMeter.



The new version of BreezoMeter adds to the many tools that are emerging in recent years aimed at informing users about air pollution, a problem that generates increasing uncertainty.

Currently, two large groups of apps that fulfill this function could be differentiated: those which, on the one hand, show official data (such as those contained in the new web app of the European Environment Agency) and which have as their main source the air quality measurement stations; and applications which collect data from these same sources, but also take into account other variables or add data from satellites such as those of the European Union’s Copernicus programme. BreezoMeter, for example, which would be integrated into this second group, collects information from more than 40,000 government sensors around the world, adding also data related to traffic patterns or weather conditions. Its infrastructure validates 1.6 terabytes of information every hour, generating 420 million points with geographic data. Using this information and a series of patented algorithms, they perform 7.1 billion compound calculations, also using machine learning techniques to understand how atmospheric pollution is dispersed.

Regarding the new version of the application, it introduces interesting modules such as the air quality forecast or information on other pollutant emissions. However, the search only through text is not overly practical. In this sense, perhaps it would be interesting to add the possibility of accessing the detailed information by clicking directly on the map, which would result in the usability of the application. It would also be necessary, to the extent possible, to provide information to countries that currently lack it, such as much of the African continent.

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