Ni Las Migas (which can be translated more or less as Not Even the Crumbs) is an app that is born as a service to avoid the food wastage in Spain that are in perfect condition and they have not found a final consumer

Source: Android description (translated) / Image: USEPA Environmental Protection Agency

Useful information

Download: Android 4.1 (8MB) / iOS (link not available)

Price: free

Language: Spanish

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 03/03/2017 (v. 1.0.0) – iOS (link not available)

Website of the developer: Ni Las Migas


One of the main objectives pursued by the application Ni Las Migas is the reduction of food waste in Spain. One of the main objectives pursued by the application Ni Las Migas is the reduction of food waste in Spain. To make this possible, the platform connects food establishments and retailers that offer perishable products at a lower price than usual with customers interested in purchasing this type of food.

The application, which requires the opening of a user account, includes the following options, accessible from the bottom menu:

  • Productos (Products), section in which you can look for the foods offered by the different associates. It has an option to search by text or by filters. This latter alternative allows to select categories of food (cuisine from different areas of the world, bakeries and pastry shops, buffet restaurants, etc.), the maximum price willing to pay (30 €) and radio in kilometers in which to do the search (maximum 50 km). The application focuses for the moment in the area of Madrid, although it is expected that it will grow in the next months.
  • Mapa (Map), section with a map in which the various associated establishments and available offers are displayed.
  • Perfil (Profile), where the user of the application can see their purchase history or contact the staff of Ni Las Migas through Facebook.

The process of reservation of the different products is carried out as follows:

  • As the closing time of the associated establishment approaches, it notifies to the platform the perishable foods that it estimates it won’t sell in the remainder of the day.
  • The user navigates through the application seeing what products are on offer. At the moment in which a purchase is decided, the selected product is blocked and its cancellation is impossible, as stated in the terms of use of the application.
  • The food collection must be done in person at the agreed time, showing the reservation made through the application and paying.

The website includes a video that shows how to make a reservation.

More information

Ni Las Migas

Images: Screenshots 13/03/2017. ©Ni Las Migas



Although most food waste is generated in households, as argued in the analysis of the FoodKeeper application, the rest of the suply chain also contributes to aggravate the problem of food waste in not finding buyers for a part of the products put up for sale, throwing away an appreciable amount of perishable food in the trash.

Apps such as Ni Las Migas try to alleviate this problem by making use of mobile technologies to connect the different agents in the food chain, allowing the purchase of food at a price lower than usual. Although the idea is very good, the application, as it is designed, is somewhat limiting. For example, it establishs some restrictive filters, such as radius, that they prevent people who have planned a trip can make use of the application before starting the journey. It would also be interesting to display in the map, with different colored icons, for instance, the establishments that offer discounted food, thus allowing a quick choice of the shop depending on the location of the user. It would also be advisable to solve the need to log in every time the mobile device is turned on. For future versions, it would also be good to enable other contact systems with the creative team, since the application only offers Facebook as a communication channel (unlike the web, which incorporates other alternatives such as email), as well as a call to action more attractive for the possible establishments interested in collaborating with Ni Las Migas.

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