1001 Pallets.com’s goal is to highlight your ideas made up from recycled, reused, upcycled or repurposed wooden pallets

Source: Android description / Image: Öljylautta Public Domain

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Download: Android 4.1 (2.67MB) / iOS 9.0 (22.5MB) / web

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 12/05/2017 (v. 1.0) – iOS 05/07/2017 (v. 1.5)

Website of the developer: 1001Pallets.com


1001 Pallets provides you with ideas for reusing, recycling and recovering in a creative way discarded or new wood pallets. Although these elements are used for loading and unloading operations, when they are no longer useful and are deposited for reuse or recycling (or they are abandoned), they can serve as raw materials. So if you’re a bit of a handyman, you can build different types of furniture made with wooden pallets to decorate your home or garden.

This application, in the same way as Recyclart (the creators are the same), does not include detailed tutorials for all the exposed creations. In some cases, you will only have some images and a description. But if you register as a user, you can also download plans for some of the ideas. The opening of an account (it’s free) also allows you to link your website or social networks, as well as appear as creator of the ideas you share, among other advantages.

The app has 3 main utilities:

  • Side menu, accessible from the upper left corner. From this section you can see the latest ideas in decoration with pallets, check the entries you have selected as Favorites and browse the different categories. Among these, you can find inspiration, for example, to create a cradle (see attached picture) or a wall clock. You’ll also find useful information about tools or tips on where to get wooden pallets for sale.
  • Searching (symbol of the magnifying glass), with which you can seek by name (in English).
  • Share your creations (symbol of the camera), from where you can show how you have taken advantage of one or several wood pallets.

It is also advisable to have a look at the web, which in certain aspects is more complete than the mobile application.

Image gallery

The screenshots correspond to the Android version of the application.

Images: screenshots 06/03/2018. © 1001Pallets


The video is recorded using the Android version of the application.

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Wooden pallets «move the world», according to Mark White, emeritus professor at Virginia Tech and director of the William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet & Container Research Laboratory and the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, a quote from a 2012 article on Slate’s website that described pallets as «the single most important object in the global economy». Currently, some companies are starting to implement Internet of Things solutions to monitor their status and location, but thousands of wooden pallets are still treated as waste after fulfilling its function. And many of these pallets, instead of being deposited in a controlled manner, end up abandoned carelessly in wastelands or near to industrial areas.

However, many of these wooden pallets can be used creatively. Making that creativity known is precisely the aim of this app. Although examples and images of articles made from this raw material abound on the Internet, having a site where objects are categorized is an advantage. As for improvements, it would be interesting to increase the loading speed, at least in the Android version. Although the attached video is edited, you can see the delay, which was about a minute long.

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