Wildlife Alert is an identification tool to alert military personnel serving in Afghanistan when products containing fur, anthers, horns, scales, and shells may be made from potentially threatened or endangered wildlife. The Wildlife Conservation Society and the Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program partnered to make this app free and available to the public.

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Download:  Android 4.1 (4.97MB) / iOS 6.0 (16,2MB)

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: partially

Last update: Android 20/12/2016 (v. 1.4.0) – iOS 19/11/2015 (v. 1.3.1)

Website of the developer:  Wildlife Conservation Society

Notes: article updated on 17/01/2017


Wildlife Alert is a mobile application designed to alert authorities sent to Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries about products (skins, horns, shells, etc.) that may find their origin in poaching. The identification is based on a battery of questions from which leads to the determination of the species. The application includes many photographs and detailed descriptions of 75 endangered species and / or more sold in bazaars and local markets. The classification of animals is based on the CITES agreement.

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Although Wildlife Alert is an application designed for American troops in the Middle East, it can also be an interesting tool or the starting point for creating an app for tourists visiting not only this area of the East, but also for Southeast Asia and other parts of the world where illegal traffic is usual. This practice, denounced recurrently, is causing that many animal species are being brought to the brink of extinction, as in the cases of rhinoceros or tiger. Although the app works offline, the first time needs synchronize the database, so an internet connection is necessary. It highlights its visual design, making it very easy to use.

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