Get the audio guide for African animals. No need to read, simply listen and learn without taking your eyes off the animals.

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Useful information

Download: Android 3.0 (83MB) / iOS 7.0 (79.5MB)

Price: free (there is paid version for both operating systems)

Language: English

Runs offline: yes

Last update: Android 17/09/2015 – iOS 17/09/2015

Website of the developer: Whispers of the wild


Whispers of the wild is an application for Android and iOS devices that, through audio files, makes the visitor feel the call of Africa, because one of the elements included are the sounds or calls of the most iconic animals that live in national and natural parks of southern and eastern Africa.

The application is structured through an initial menu that includes the following elements:

  • “Animals”, which allows the access to the selection of different animals by category, name or a slider with which to select the size of the animal.
  • “Games” to entertain the children.
  • “Ask a question”, a queries section that is sent to the application’s creators.
  • “About us”, in which developers and partners are presented.
  • “Safety advice”, an audio file with basic recommendations on precautions that must be taken when you’re visiting a space of these features.
  • “Conservation”, section that shows the work of Endangered Wildlife Trust, the conservation organization that supports this project.

The sheets of the different animals (the free version of the application includes 11 species with the possibility of increasing them to 16 if you share the app via Twitter or Facebook) include the following information:

  • “Profile”, with general information about the species (size, habitat, denominations, threats, gestation, etc.), photographs (may indicate the sex or age of development of specimen) and its characteristic sound. These audio files are possibly the most realistic way to feel the call of Africa. However, this feature only is provided when the recording has been possible. When the detailed species entail risk, such as rhinos, a section of safety measures is included.
  • “Audio”, with multiple sound tracks where the different characteristics of the animal (customs, diet, etc.) are narrated.
  • “Map”, that reloads the tab of general information mentioned above, showing distribution maps of the species instead of photographs.
  • “Footprint”, realistic drawings that identify the footprints of different animals printed on the floor. The front and hind legs are included.
  • “Ask a question”, which refers to the same tab pointed out above.
  • “Conservation”, to access information about Endangered Wildlife Trust.

More information

Images: Screenshots 29/02/2016 © Whispers of the wild

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