Locating system of significant trees, either for their affections or for their particular interest. Through this application will be able to upload to the CropProtection server a geolocated image of the tree. You can also include other parameters such as health and disease severity, tree pit status, phenological parameters and observations

Source: Android description (translated)  / Image: Pixabay

Useful information


ArboLoveAndroid 4.0 (2.98MB) / iOS 8.0 (9.2MB)
ARboles+Android 4.0.3 (15.04MB) / iOS 8.0 (14.8MB)

Price: free

Language: ArboLove (English / Spanish) – ARboles+ (Spanish)

Runs offline: partially

Last update: 

ArboLoveAndroid 05/05/2017 (v. 2.7.2) - iOS 07/05/2017 (v. 2.7)
ARboles+Android 13/07/2017 (v. 1.3.1) - iOS 03/03/2017 (v. 1.2)

Website of the developer: CropProtection (group of the Department of Agroforestry Ecosystems of the Polytechnic University of Valencia)


ArboLove is an application to facilitate the management of street trees and the creation of an information system on trees and their phytosanitary status. Nevertheless, its main objectives are the promotion of research and activities related to citizen science and ecological awareness, from a point of view that combines a playful-ecological part with the environmental complaint.

It has a complementary application, ARboles+, which enables the visualization of the data through augmented reality. Hence it has opted to analyze both utilities at the same time.

The first step to use ArboLove is to configure the application by entering an email address and adjusting the quality of the photos to upload.

The image of the tree can be uploaded in the next screen, although you can also attach the file after completing the rest of the required information (the Browse saved photo option generated an error message during the tests). Also and in addition to photography, through a series of drop down menus, you can point out the following aspects:

  • Species
  • Tree pit status
  • Diseases of the tree
  • Disease level
  • Phenology
  • Comments

After fill out the form, you can send the data to the CropProtection server instantly or later, once an Internet connection is available.

Once the information is uploaded, it is available for viewing in ARboles+ (the latest update for Android devices checks this option as default). However, if you want to check and correct the exact location of the tree (or other aspects), you can edit the information uploaded from ArboLove. The editing is done as follows:

  • In the map of ArboLove, click on the icon that identifies the tree you have entered
  • Scroll vertically through the tab until you find the link Haz clic aquí para editar este elemento (Click here to edit this element) and click on it
  • In the map that appears you can check the location and move the symbol manually. If you make any changes, you must enter the used email and the ID (this information can be consulted in ArboLove > Configuration)
  • Click on Aplicar cambios (Apply changes)

This editing procedure also allows you to delete records.

Open the ARboles app and in Descubre you will be able to see the data of the trees according to the direction that points the compass of the upper left and the little points that will appear in the same one (you can modify the distance to download elements from the option Ajustes)

More information

ArboLove (in Spanish)

Images: screenshots 13/07/2017. ©CropProtection



A few weeks ago, this blog dedicated an article to applications and utilities that facilitate the realization of forest inventories (in Spanish). This post referred to how these tools facilitate the task of gathering data in the field, which in the present case focuses on the registration of phytosanitary problems of trees. This activity, common in urban arboriculture, consumes, in the opinion of the creators of these two applications, a large volume of human and economic resources. Therefore, one of the main objectives followed is to simplify its elaboration.

In this sense, ArboLove fulfills its task, being able to be used by people without excessive knowledge about identification of trees or register of phytosanitary conditions (in several of the options is incorporated, for example, a possibility of consultation).

With regard to ARboles+, the application is interesting, running smoothly, although it is necessary to take into account possible errors derived from the GPS accuracy of the device being used.

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