Koda Quest is a free mobile app that is fun for every child, and encourages them to save energy and water

Source: Cool the Earth

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Download: Android 2.3 (77MB) / iOS 6.0 (105MB)

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: yes

Last update: Android 26/03/2015 – iOS 05/05/2015

Website of the developer: Fingertrip


Cool the Earth is an NGO of California whose mission is to engage citizens in the fight against climate change through simple and measurable actions aimed to saving energy. Part of its activity is developed in the field of education and in this framework, they have designed (together with Fingertrip) the app Koda Quest to inculcate sustainable behaviors to children of 5-10 years. The objective of the application is to enable that Koda, the polar bear protagonist, conserves its habitat against climate change.

The application offers two options of play: individual (“Play as a kid”) and family (“Play as a family”). The main difference is that with family option, opening a user profile linked to Fingertrip, you can follow the evolution of different players. To do this review, the individual option will be used.

The individual game does not require any type of account, being only necessary selecting an avatar and a pseudonym generated automatically by the application. Through a menu accessible from the left side (fingerprint icon), you can also access other company games, invite friends, send messages, change your avatar, etc.

At the top of the screen, from left to right, it appears information about the game’s level, the different achievements that you must fulfill to complete the level, a thermometer that indicates the temperature in Koda’s habitat (when the temperature increases, the iceberg in which Koda lives is reduced) and the coins available, that you earn doing different missions proposed by the protagonist and which include both actions to develop in real life (make sure you’ve turned off the lights in empty rooms for example) or the challenges included in the app (collect garbage from the sea or eliminate pollution clouds).

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Images: Screenshots 07/12/2015.  ©Cool the Earth



Koda Quest is a child mobile application that tackles one of the major problems that the planet faces: the climate change. Through various games and activities, this app teaches children sustainable behaviors for which they are rewarded. The application stands out for its graphics, which are quite attractive. Although it’s only in English, it is quite easy to understand, increasing the gaming choices by children who don’t speak this language. Likewise, it is also interesting how combines activities to be developed in real life with the development of the game itself. On the negative side, it must be pointed out that during the tests carried out, the game had performance problems with Android 5.0.2., running properly on iOS devices. It might also be interesting to include some indication of how work the mini games included in the app.

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