With (Garaikoa) you will know the vegetables and fruits that are in season in your region (of Spain). Also the recipes you can make with those products

Source: Android description (translated) / Video: Youtube Kutxa Ekogunea

Useful information

Download: Android 2.2 (211kb) / iOS 6.0 (22.8MB)

Price: free

Language: Spanish / Galician / Catalan / Basque

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 28/01/2016 (v. 6) – iOS 29/01/2016 (v. 1.2.2)

Website of the developer: Akting / Ekogunea (Kutxa Fundazioa)


Garaikoa is a simple application sponsored by Ekogunea/Kutxa Fundazioa (the other organizations that collaborate are listed in the section ¿Por qué esta aplicación? (Why this application?)) that aims to inform users about the fruits and vegetables of each place and season of the year (in Spain), thus encouraging the consumption of local products and contributing to reduce the carbon footprint.

The application has the following options:

  • In the first screen, the user selects the language of the application and the province or region in relation to which it wishes to make the query (all the territories of Spain are included).
  • The following screen shows a list of seasonal products for the previously selected zone, the general product list considered for that territory and an explanation of why it was decided to create the application and how to use it.

Clicking on the first option, the list of products is displayed. For each one, a color code type which indicates the season is used. If the crop is in its beginning, it appears a yellow circle; if it is in full swing, green; and if it has finished, red. The combination of the three colors indicates that the product is grown throughout the year.

Each of the products has a tab that includes a brief description, nutritional information and curious data, as well as two sections in which you can consult a map to see the areas of cultivation (Android only. iOS only incorporates a list) and recipes that can be prepared with that product.

The content included in the app has been made in partnership with farming organizations of the country, although some of the data have also been extracted from a web managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, so, except for minor errors or pending updates, the information is specific to each zone. However, if you have additional information or detect any errors, you can communicate via email.

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Images: screenshots 23/01/2017. ©Ekogunea



In 2016, the University of Illinois (U.S.) carried out an experiment in which a series of students interacted with an application that allowed them to know the carbon footprint of their favorite dishes. As was expected, the hamburger, one of the foods with the highest environmental impact, was the food with the highest number of followers. In this way, participants in the test were able to observe how the decisions they make around their diet also contribute to climate change. But it is not necessary to eat hamburgers to increase your ecological footprint. Consuming fruits and vegetables out of season that are sent from other countries also supposes an environmental impact that manifests itself especially in the emissions generated by the supply chain.

The Garaikoa app focuses on providing consumers with information about which products are closest to their place of residence, allowing them to reduce the ecological footprint while favoring local economies. The application is very simple to manage and its content is quite complete, although during tests (performed with an Android 6.0 device) it has been proven that the Android version of the app is blocked when you interact with some sections such as the map included in the Zona de producción (Production area) section or the product display per month that appears on the ¿Qué hay de temporada? (What is in season?).

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