MyFishingMaps is an app that allows you to discover new fishing places, plan the outings and have the fishing regulations of each section handy.

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Useful information

Download: Android 4.2 (15.16MB) / web

Price: free

Language: Spanish

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 07/11/2016 (v. 1.2)

Website of the developer: MyFishingMaps

Notes: article updated on 17/01/2017


MyFishingMaps is an application for Android devices that aims to provide updated information on freshwater fishing. At the moment the application includes the rivers of Castile and Leon, Asturias, Galicia and Navarre with their respective regulations, although this legal information is available also for the rest of the autonomous communities of Spain, both on the website and in the app itself. It is expected that future updates of the app will also incorporate information about the rivers of the remanining regions (in the web are already available the maps with the delimited sections of many regions).

The application has a side menu that includes the following options:

  • “Seleccionar comunidad” (Select region), section in which the user can select the region of interest from among the active territories. One a destiny is selected, the “Mapa” (Map) with the different watershed is loaded automatically. It includes a geolocation option to know where you are located. After selecting the area of interest, the delimited sections differentiated by colour (intensive fishing preserve, preserves without death, free zones, etc.) are displayed. Clicking on one of them, the segment is exposed on an aerial image, pointing out the start and end of the section. This screen includes a data sheet with the relevant regulations of this area. Recently there has been added the possibility of consulting the car route (via Google Maps) to arrive to the wished point inside the stretch of fishing.
  • “Buscar” (Search), option that allows searches by region, basin, river and section.
  • “Favoritos” (Favorites), that lists the selected segments (star on the top right of the detail section screen).
  • “Normativa general” (General regulations), that shows the fishing regulations applicable in the different regions that is of interest to promote sustainable fishing and that includes minimum sizes of catches and recommendations to prevent the spread of invasive species such as the didymo or rock snot (Didymosphenia geminata).
  • “Comentar” (Comment), to send an email to the creators of the application.
  • “Compartir” (Share), possibility of sharing information in your social networks.
  • “Salir” (Exit), option to close the app.

More information

MyFishingMaps: La extensión de una pasión (Diario de Burgos)

Images: Screenshots 01/02/2016.  ©MyFishingMaps



According to the advance of 2014 Statistical Yearbook of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, in 2012 more than 870,000 fishing licenses were issued in Spain, 15% more than in 2011, values that contrast with the decline registered in hunting licenses since 2010. These permissions for the practice of the fishing supposed an economic income of more than 8 million of €.

The above figures reveal the growing interest of the fishing activity in Spain. This trend will probably increase when initiatives to promote the sport fishing as a tourism resource are developed, like the project supported by Area Santiago. Obviously, this activity should promote a sustainable behavior and in this task apps like MyFishingMaps can acquire an important role because incorporates the applicable regulation on catch sizes, measures to prevent the spread of invasive species, etc. The application is characterised by its ease of use. It’s also interesting the inclusion of small surveys that allow users to comment about future features to include in the application, allowing you to create a truly useful tool (the inclusion of the “Favorites” option has been done in this way). With the intention to facilitate the search of areas to practice this activity, it could be interesting to include in the “Search” section a field to find areas by type of segment. Similarly, and in order to promote sustainable fishing, it could be interesting to implement a function to promote citizen science. This feature would allow to fishermen to report problems located during their journeys, areas colonized by new species, etc., following the example of applications such as one used in lake Tahoe (US).

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