The Spotoops users establish peer to peer parking agreements, allowing to find free places in the street quickly, avoiding driving around, saving time, fuel and emissions.

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Useful information

Download: Android 4.0.3 (2.61MB) / iOS 8.1 (6.5MB)

Price: free

Language: Spanish / English

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 09/01/2017 (1.3.2) – iOS 14/11/2016 (v. 1.1)

Website of the developer: Spotoops

Notes: article updated on 04/02/2017


Spotoops is an application that allows you to park in town via a peer to peer system with a previous agreement between users. Thus it is reducing the search ime for a parking place, reducing polluting emissions from motor vehicles and stress that causes driving around unsuccessfully.

To use the application, just enter a nickname, what type of vehicle you have (compact sedan, hatchback, etc.) and color, so it is not necessary to input any personal data. The software gives you a recovery code (in the “Settings” tab) that it’s convenient to keep, as it will allow you to recover your account if you change your mobile device, for example. You also have at your disposal an invitation code that you can share with your friends, family, etc.

The operation of the application will be explained through two fictitious users that are located in Madrid: Green, driving a dark blue compact car, and Apps, that moves with a 5 doors car of garnet color.

Spotoops app
Green has parked in Villanueva street and he plans to leave his parking place in the next 10 minutes
Spotoops app
Apps has an appointment in Lagasca street and she needs a place to park nearby in the next 15 minutes. At most, she is willing to go 500 meters walking, so she has set that distance as maximum radius
Spotoops app
Green enters data to offer its place
Spotoops app
Apps introduces into the "Search" tab the destination address, in this case, 21 Lagasca street
Spotoops app
Green send his offer
In the screen of Apps appears the notice of the parking space offered by Green. From the icon on the bottom right, you access to the approval of the exchange
Spotoops app
Green receives the notice of Apps
Spotoops app
Apps sends a notice that is near (icon in the upper right)

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Images: Screenshots 29/06/2016. © Spotoops



Pollutant emissions from motor vehicles are one of the great evils afflicting cities. Many people, by necessity or pleasure, continue to use their private vehicles to move around the city. In fact, the particular vehicle is the preferred method of travel in places like London or Berlin, according with a survey of roughly 1,000 residents in each of the cities

One of the actions that generates more emissions is the parking search. The team of Spotoops, taking into account a information published by the IDAE (Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) says that each driver runs 5 kilometers driving around before locating a parking place, which means an emission to the atmosphere of 0.6 kg of CO2. By using this application, the process of parking search speeds up, reducing the pollution generated. Although the app is easy to use, the fact of needing an interaction through mobile and the prohibition of using these devices while you are driving (in Spain), may hinder its use, so it might be interesting to add an option to search the address through voice. It is obvious that the success of this system will depend largely on the creation of a powerful community of users, although it is a collaborative mechanism that can be deployed in groups of friends, families or employees of a company.

Regarding smart parking systems that use sensors, is still a solution with a high cost. From Spotoops consider that, in any case, this technology would not be a competitor, since they estimate that both systems can coexist perfectly, supplying the sensors the function of the application in those areas where the mobile is not able to provide the location.

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