The application of Natural Spaces of the province of Jaen will enable you to easily access all the documentation, photographs, videos and location of each of the enclaves. In addition, you will be able to know the places of leisure, gastronomic and of rest around you, to which you will arrive easily with a simple tools of location, direction and compass

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Last update: Android 26/03/2015 (v. 1.0) – iOS 12/04/2015 (v. 1.0)

Website of the developer: XYZ Comunicación


Natural Spaces (Espacios Naturales) of Jaen is an application that lists, describes and locates on a map some of the most important natural tourist attractions of this Andalusian province. In addition to the tourist attractions, it also includes additional facilities such as lodgings, interpretation centers or restaurants.

The application has a main menu in which are differentiated 3 categories:

  • Natural areas, where the different areas are listed. Muchas de ellas están restringidas a áreas recreativas que, aunque atractivas o ubicadas en paisajes de interés, no están relacionadas con ninguna de las áreas protegidas de la provincia. Clicking on each of them, a tab with images, a description, directions on how to get there (on Google Maps based on the location of the user of the app), a compass, location on the map and videos is displayed. In the Points of interest section you can consult the list of nearby facilities.

The different spaces can also be visualized based on their location on the map. This option is accessible from the top menu of the application. In respect of Camera option, its usefulness is unknown, although apparently it seems to be related to some information system through augmented reality.

  • Public washing areas, section that makes a tour for public washing places of the different localities through images and a video. These architectural elements are part of the ethnographic heritage of the province of Jaen.
  • Downloads, section from which you can download in pdf format different brochures and tourist guides.

More information

Natural spaces of the province of Jaen

Images: the absence of a support team for the app has made impossible to ask for permission to include screenshots of this application



Jaen is a province in the interior of Andalusia known for its large crops of olive trees. Nevertheless, from the point of view of the natural heritage, it also houses interesting enclaves such as Sierra Magina, home of golden eagles and Bonelli’s eagles, or Cazorla, one of the most visited natural areas in Spain and habitat of such emblematic species as the bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus). This last natural space was, in fact, included in an article published in April 2015 by The Guardian as one of the 10 best natural areas in Europe to visit.

This outstanding nature is the perfect excuse for the development of a sustainable tourism plan aimed at generating wealth at the local level that also promotes the creation of apps and web apps as a way to publicize the different zones to visitors. In this sense and although the bid of the app about the natural spaces of Jaen is interesting, according to the examination done, it gives the impression of being a project currently abandoned, without updates of activities since 2015, date on which the app was launched, with links of equipments that do not work, sections that are not very well known for what they serve and without the existence of a support team that responds to the queries. Although the information contained in the application may be valid (it has not been possible to prove its veracity and it is missing relevant information such as the presence of drinking water sources), the classification that is made of the different elements is somewhat chaotic. Possibly, it would have been more useful to start from an initial list of the different natural tourist attractions and, for each of them, to list or describe the infrastructures and available equipment, instead of treating them as isolated elements without connection to the different natural areas of the province of Jaen.

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