“Dale de comer a Mr. Iglú” (Give food Mr. Igloo) is the best way for kids learn to recycle glass as well as being a fun application for adults.

Source: Android description (modified and translated)

Useful information

Download: Android 2.3 (31MB) / iOS 7.0 (34.3MB) / web (interactive section “Juguemos”)

Price: free

Language: Spanish

Runs offline: yes

Last update: Android 09/10/2014 – iOS 24/10/2014

Website of the developer: Ecovidrio


This application to teach children (9-11 years old) to recycle glass is an initiative of Ecovidrio, the Spanish entity responsible for managing the recycling of this type of container in the country.

The application has two ways of game:

  • “En la calle” (In the street), an option that includes augmented reality to interact with containers located in the street. In this way of game, you have to focus the smartphone’s camera in one of the recycling badges that are usually attached to the container (in the attached image you can see what are them). When the application recognizes some sticker, Mr. Igloo will appear eating glass containers and asking you to return in a few hours to keep feeding it on the screen of your mobile.
  • “En tu móvil” (In your mobile), based on to care an igloo on the mobile device itself, feeding it, customizing it, etc.

In both options you accumulate points (“ecos”) that allow you to unlock different features of the application (customization elements, new types of containers, etc.).

The interface also has two icons in the upper right that provide access to help, where the different forms of game are explained, and the settings option, where you can name the igloo.

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Images: Screenshots 24/02/2016 © Ecovidrio



The rate of recycling glass in Spain is around 70 %, according to the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), which estimates that this rate is 73 % for EU28. Although there are many voices calling for the implementation of a packaging return system which would allow a greater saving of resources, especially energy, it is necessary to recognize that the current mechanisms of glass recycling have contributed a great benefit to the environment. The current system has reduced the consumption of raw materials for the manufacture of glass containers, for example, or the production of waste destined to landfill.

In order to continue with this dynamic, it is essential to instill these behaviors among children and here is where applications like this take on an important role. Highlights in the use of augmented reality, allowing introduce children in this new technology that offers many possibilities, but in this case the level of interaction is very limited. Otherwise, the application is quite attractive, easy to use and well documented, but after a while the game may be a bit monotonous. In the iOS version, some problems have been appreciated on the setting screen, being blocked occasionally.

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