iNaturewatch eGuides a product of Ladybird Environmental Consulting LLP is a series of nature based Mobile apps developed to promote nature study widely across the country

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  • iButterflies: Android 22/12/2015
  • iBirds: Android 22/12/2015
  • iTrees: Android 22/12/2015

Website of the developer: Ladybird Environmental Consulting LLP

Notes: article updated on 07/01/2016


Ladybird Environmental Consulting is an environmental is an Indian environmental consulting firm that has created three mobile applications about trees, butterflies and birds. Each includes the 50 most common species that can be observed in the vicinity of some of the major cities of India (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad). The app allows also register new records, but previously you must open and account in the website of iNaturewatch. For the species without information sheet, you can send a photo to the support team for the identification.

The three apps are similar to each other, including a menu from which you can perform the searchers, see tutorials about the use of the tool (needs Internet connection), read about the importance of the different species and their role in natural environments, add citations (via website), access to several quiz games or consult the included glossary. The data sheets include several pictures for the identification of species and a description (bird application also includes an audio file with the characteristic birdsong). Several images, videotutoriales and new games have been replaced and added in the last update.

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