More than 40 data sheets of different birds tracks drawn and referenced, so you can easily identify them with the help of the camera of your mobile phone, along with a series of basic data so you can know a little more about the bird species.

Source: Android description (translated)

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Download: Android 2.2 (13MB)

Price: free

Language: Spanish

Runs offline: yes

Last update: Android 09/09/2014

Website of the developer: BioScripts


Huellas (Tracks in English) is a visual application designed to facilitate the identification of bird traces printed on the ground. Currently, it includes 46 species such as the osprey, owl, vulture or the sparrow.

The application contains the following options:

  • “Listado” (List), section in which the species of the app are listed and from which you can access to a data sheet that includes photographs of the bird, its tracks, a brief description with its main characteristics, its habitat, its protection status or distribution.
  • “Comparador” (Comparator), option through which the identification is made. It is based on a system of comparison between a superimposed silhouette that appears on the screen of the mobile device and the trace on the ground. To set the scale of comparison, you must place a coin of one euro and through the device camera, attempting to match it with the silhouette of the euro that will appear on your screen.
  • “¿Quiénes somos?” (Who are we?), which includes a description of BioScripts.
  • “Autores” (Authors), section in which the creator team of the app is presented.

To perform this review, it has been downloaded, scaled and printed a mallard tracks silhouette (Anas platyrhynchos).

More information

Aplicación de apoyo a la identificación de huellas (ResearchGate)

Images: Screenshots 27/06/2016. © BioScripts



The identification of footprints and animal remains is one of the most common ways of knowing the wildlife of a place. As it explained when the app iTrack Wildlife was analysed, the traces recognition, besides being an activity for professional purposes, it is also a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular, with courses and workshops.

The app Huellas, that highlights for its easy handling, adds to the existing resources that facilitate the identification of animal tracks, in this case, birds, through an ingenious system of comparison. However, it would be advisable to improve some options of the application, such as the data sheets of the different species, where it would be interesting to include an explanation of the codes used in the status of protection, for example. To use this application, a device with a larger screen (tablet, for example) is recommended. The footprints do not fit to the screen size and is quite complicated to attempt to match them with the ground imprints. This aspect may be related with the version of the operating system. In fact, it tried to run this analysis with Android 6.0, but a distortion of the figures was appreciated, so finally the test was performed with Android 4.0.3. It would also be interesting to have silhouettes in white, because if the identification is attempted on a dark background, the recognition is virtually impossible.

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