Simulate 2 centuries of history, from the industrial revolution to the green revolution, in this fast-paced, challenging, apocalyptic, original and independant strategy game

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Download: Android 4.4 (35.72MB)

Price: 5 levels free. In-app purchases (€1,99 – €5,99 each element)

Language: English / Italian / French / German

Runs offline: yes (to see the video tutorials, a connection is needed)

Last update: Android 03/06/2017 (v. 3.02)

Website of the developer: GZ Games


Energy Wars: Green Revolution is a strategy game in which the user must be able to manage the energy sources of the planet avoiding an increase in global temperature. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to replace non-renewable energy with other green energy sources.

The game begins when the user is teleported from 2152 to 1850, with the Industrial Revolution in full swing. In fact, some bibliographic sources point to this date as the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution, a period in which new sources of energy were discovered and electricity was developed.

In this way, in the first mission, the user has to eliminate the cities lit by fossil fuels (white dots) and to get at least 25 enlightened cities with green energy sources (green dots). The money to research in these renewable energies is obtained by extracting coal. It is also necessary to allocate part of the benefit to improve the procedures of exploitation and to quell the crises and wars that will arise in the different countries.

The application can be configured from the gear icon. In addition to changing the language, in this section you can save the game or reset it.

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Energy Wars

Video tutorials of Energy Wars: Green Revolution

Images: screenshots 03/07/2017. ©GZ Guillaume Meinesz



A few days ago, several media had echoed a letter signed by six scientists and diplomats in Nature that warns that the limit to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change is 3 years. In the letter, governments, companies, researchers and citizens are urged to address global greenhouse gas emissions from this very moment, being one of the proposed measures to increase the generation of electricity through renewable sources up to 30% (23.7% in 2015). This milestone would be accompanied by a recommendation to avoid the opening of new coal-fired power stations from 2020, also advocating the gradual closure of existing ones.

The fight against climate change, along with food security and sustainable consumption of resources, is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. It is a task in which we all must contribute our grain of sand, being the first step the awareness about the severity of the problem.

Energy Revolution: Green Revolution joins to this need by proposing to the user several challenges based on the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energies to turn the different cities into green cities. Although as the creator of the game, Guillaume Meinesz, says, the subject of the game is not only about global warming but also about managing countries economics, the use of the climate crisis as a hook is an interesting resource. In order to improve the user experience, it would be interesting to better explain some of the game sections, such as the ranking and the various variables included.

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