Automated reports that include a map of project, all selected incidents and their respective images, marked in its own map and georeferenced.

Source: CERES (translated)

Useful information

Download:  contact with Arcadiapps (3,3MB)

Price: 30€ (you can download a demo version to see the features of the tool, although some options, like the automated reports generation, are not available)

Language: Spanish (the reports can be generated in English and Basque)

Runs offline: partially

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Website of the developer:  Arcadiapps


CERES is an application for Android devices that is sold from the company website, Arcadiapps. It is intended to facilitate the work running in environmental monitoring, a procedure to which must undergo all the works that, by law, are subject to environmental impact assessment and, among other things, involve the establishment of a schedule of regular visits to the areas where these works are being carried out and the elaboration of monitoring reports.

The application has 4 tabs:

  • “clientes” (customers), where you must specify the fields of NIF (taxpayer identification number), name, address and email.
  • “obras” (works), where you can introduce the basic data about the work, assigning it to a customer. In this tab you can also upload a map, aerial photo or sketch in image format that provide a visual reference of the work.
  • “incidencia” (incidence), where you register the problems or remarkable aspects locating during visits. In order to standardize the various elements to be considered in the monitoring process, the application defines multiple fields (vegetation, soil, plants, waste, water and air) on the basis of which you can select multiple drop-down options (see pictures) . It also allows write down corrective / compensatory measures, take georeferenced photographs and upload documents to help out a detailed supervision.
  • “informes” (reports), utility to generate automatically the required periodic report and send it to interested parties. The advanced versions of the application (Professional and Enterprise) allow also attach georeferenced PDF files, KML / KMZ files, etc.

As interestingly benefit, common to all tabs described, comment that the introduction of data in the different fields can be done by voice through the microphone of the smartphone, but for this you need to have an internet connection.

More information

Images: Screenshot 22/06/2015 ©Arcadiapps



CERES is an application that, undoubtedly, will facilitate the work of professionals engaged in the work related to environmental monitoring because it centralizes control and collection of incidents in a single device. Similarly, and as is reflected in the website, it´s a tool that reduce emissions of CO2 kg (certification by Emma Blanco, an industrial engineer specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energies).
However, although the company philosophy is to avoid as far as possible rely on third-party technologies, it would be interesting provide the implementation of a system of georeferenced maps to complement the picture upload currently enabled, allowing users know their geographically location, define the path to follow or how to reach to a specific point. It would also be necessary to provide the tool with a greater flexibility, allowing, for example, create new fields based on the needs and the specificity of the work. It is currently developing a new version.

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