The Water Project Toolkit application (WPT App) provides guidance and information on best practices for implementing water and sanitation projects in the developing world.

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Download:  Android 2.3.3 (17MB) / iOS 6.0 (32,6MB) / web

Price: free

Language: English (the web version offers some content in French, Spanish and Portuguese)

Runs offline: partially

Last update: Android 04/06/2015 – iOS 04/06/2015

Website of the developer:  JRC / EuropeAid


Water Project Toolkit (WPT) is a mobile app that has as main objective to promote “‘strategic approach for the equitable, efficient and sustainable management of water resources“, as stated in the introduction of Aquaknow, collaborative space on issues related to the water and sanitation emerged at the initiative of the JRC and EuropeAid.

The application helps in the definition, implementation and evaluation of projects related to water supply and sanitation in developing countries. The system allows to define in advance the field in which they will develop the project (water resources, basic services, municipal services, agriculture, energy hydropower and sector performance) and the phase (programming, identification, formulation, implementation or evaluation), resulting in an operational framework based on the Project Cycle Management. The system takes into account local contexts and user needs. The main content is accessible offline, relevant aspect depending on the area in which the project is developed.

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Access to drinking water and improved sanitation are two essential conditions for the improvement of living conditions. Its absence or deterioration is directly linked to the spread of disease, as recalled the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Therefore, initiatives to develop a useful methodology promoted by Aquaknow are needed.
However, it would be desirable an improvement in the design and usability of the application, making it more manageable in mobile devices, including, for example, forms or predefined checklist that facilitate tasks and be the guide through the different phases of the implementation of projects. The mobile application is basically a copy of the web version, whose consultation is preferable because it is more manageable, useful and orderly. The main advantage of the app is its ability to be accessed offline, although it can promptly Internet access be necessary for further information. Similarly, it would also be interesting the translation into other languages, to enable the methodology can be applied in non-English-speaking areas, even by the local communities themselves.

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