Do you have questions about where to deposit some waste? Do you want to know how are recycled after its deposit? Download ReciclApp and resolve your questions

Source: Android description (translated) / Image: Zaf CC BY-SA 3.0

Useful information

Download: Android 4.0 (15MB) / iOS  7.0 (15.7MB)

Price: free

Language: Spanish / Basque

Runs offline: partially

Last update: Android 30/10/2015 (v. 1.3) – iOS 30/10/2015 (v. 1.2)

Website of the developer: Government of Navarra / Ganasa


ReciclApp-Birziklapp is a mobile application promoted by the Government of Navarra to help resolve doubts about recycling. Although the app is based on the waste collection system implanted in Navarre and therefore includes some own features, it can also serve as general query tool for people in other municipalities.

When you start the application, you must choose the town of interest (for this analysis, it has selected the city of Pamplona). Once complete this step, the application displays a menu with 4 main options:

  • “¿Aquí qué? ¿Esto dónde?” (Here, What? This, Where?), section where you can check where to properly place each residue, either through a textual search or viewing the items allowed per container.
  • “¿Dónde?” (Where?),section in which you can check the location of collection points of waste not allowed in the usual containers (medicines, debris, oil, etc.).
  • “¿Y después qué?” (And then, what?), where the destiny of the different wastes is shown, including, for each of them, a link with additional information.
  • “¿Sabías qué?” (Did you know what?), which includes news and information on the consortium to which the previously selected town belongs.

In the upper right, there is also access to a complementary menu that includes, in addition to the options already mentioned, a contact area, the promoters and partners in the application and a settings tab in which you can change the municipality and the language.

More information (Spanish) (Spanish)

Images: Screenshots 10/08/2016. © Government of Navarra / Ganasa



The waste separation and their proper disposal to facilitate recycling is one of the most important activities that we can carry out as citizens. In addition to protecting the environment avoiding pollution, it is an activity that generates jobs and helps to reduce the consumption of raw materials. The problem are the questions that arise about in which container goes each item (you can check the main challenges about recycling in this survey made by WRAP in UK)

The creation of tools like ReciclApp-BirziKlApp (careful, don’t confuse it with the Chilean initiative ReciclApp) can help resolve these issues in a fast way, centralizing the information on waste in a single application (correct disposal, locations of containers/collection points for special items, schedules and phone numbers, etc.). As an aspect to improve, perhaps it would be nice to specify that the destination of the waste may change depending on how dirty the item is, but overall it is a useful and simple application to manage.

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