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Download: Android 2.3.3 (36MB) / iOS 6.0 (38.4MB)

Price: free

Language: English / French / Spanish / German / Japanese / Portuguese / Chinese

Runs offline: partially

Last update: Android 07/09/2015 – iOS 11/09/2015

Website of the developer:  WAZA / United Nations / messaggio


Biodiversity is Us is an application that shows what the biodiversity is and the role that humans play in it. The application includes a total of 400 animal species grouped in birds, invertebrates, reptiles, fish, mammals and amphibians, also proposing measures to protect them and games. It also stands out the work carried out by zoos and aquariums.

These are the different sections included in the application:

  • Me visitor (take action), where 388 actions that you can take to protect the planet and biodiversity are collected, including, for example, the need to preserve habitats and reduce pollution. From this section you can also access to the proposed games (they are also accessible from a bar at the bottom). The games include activities such as environmental questions, sustainable behavior or animals, a challenge to locate geographically the different species that appear on screen or proposals to develop in zoos and aquariums such as creating lists to include the observed animals and add pictures.
  • You species (discover animals), section in which it can be consulted a data sheet for each species that includes its protected status in the IUCN Red List, a brief description of the species focusing on its peculiarities and curiosities, a small map showing its distribution, its main threats and associated measures that can be developed to protect it. You can also add it to a list of favorites.
  • Zoos&aquariums (find out more), section which does an overview of the work of preservation, research and education that is carried out in these areas.

The bottom bar of the application also provides access to a video section where you can see three audiovisual of different duration (connection to Internet is required).

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Biodiversity is Us is an interesting application for all kinds of people, both children and adults. Although it focuses particularly on publicising some of the most emblematic species of the planet, part of its content is dedicated to raising awareness of the work done by zoos and aquariums. Regarding the work of these enclosed spaces there are many opinions, from those who see them as prisons to those who applaud its educational and scientific labour. Although many facilities are far from ideal, it is also important to remember that some entities of this kind conduct important research for the conservation of genetic material and the reintroduction of endangered species, experiences that, in some cases, are successful, as with the California condor. Likewise and as this article published in TreeHugger in 2011 reflected, half of London Zoo visitors aged between 7 and 14 years “showed improved knowledge in at least one of the following three areas: conservation knowledge, concern for endangered species and desire to participate in conservation efforts.”.

Regarding to the app itself, highlight the data sheets of the animals, in which it might be interesting to include more images, and the section of actions and games, which can be an excellent way to involve children in conservation biodiversity.

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