RedPROMAR is a tool of the Canarian Government for tracking and surveillance of the marine life of the archipelago.

Source: RedPROMAR description in Google Play

Useful information

Download: Android 4.0 (28MB) / iOS 7.0 (124MB) / web

Price: free

Language: Spanish / English

Runs offline: partially

Last update: Android 14/09/2015 – iOS 18/09/2015

Website of the developer: RedPROMAR (Gobierno de Canarias)


RedPROMAR is an app that, based on citizen science, seeks to involve people to collect data about marine biodiversity of the seabed of the Canary Islands. The aim is to establish a surveillance system that allows record changes that occur in this ecosystem.

The application is simple, distinguishing the following sections:

  • “Guía de especies” (Species guide), with the species of animals and marine plants typical of the Macaronesian region in which Canary Islands are included (also includes a search by name). Each species includes a data sheet with information such as scientific and common name, kingdom, order, family or degree of protection according to various regional regulations. The iOS version includes a description section, although in most of species is empty. Since each tab, you can access a map where sightings recorded for that species are displayed. In the iOS version of the app there is also an option to report new observations.
  • “Reportar avistamiento” (Report sightings) and “Mis avistamientos” (My sightings), where volunteers introduce and consult their observations on marine biodiversity upon opening an account.
  • “Mapa de avistamientos” (Sightings map), map in which you can consult the various sightings.
  • “Alertas” (Alerts), notices section about beachings or presence of jellyfish.
  • “Eventos” (Events), section where news of interest to users of the application are included.
  • “Ranking”, where you can see who are the most active users.
  • “Info RedPromar”, with information about the initiative.

More information (only in Spanish)

Images: Screenshots 28/01/2016.  ©RedPROMAR



The Canary Islands, like the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, are located in the Macaronesian biogeographical region. Its volcanic nature and the mild climate makes it a territory with numerous endemic species of high natural value, but with a very fragile balance on which small changes have a large impact.

The protection of these ecosystems requires updated information to enable decision-making and the adoption of appropriate policies. In this work, the citizen science can play an important role, so applications such as RedPROMAR are very useful. Although the application fulfills its mission in this regard, during the review it were detected some defects that should be addressed to improve the tool. For example, there have been some operating errors with the Android version 5.0.2. used in the analysis, because the application closed trying to view the map of sightings. Similarly, the English version is not fully translated. It would also be necessary to correct the menu because the option “Start session” or “Login” is duplicated. However, one of the aspect that is necessary to change is the fact that volunteers’ email addresses are visible in the “Ranking” and map sections. This is a kind of personal data protected by the Spanish data protection legislation.

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