This initiative generates a unique bond between an adopter and an olive tree to raise sponsorship to an experience adapted to the 21st century

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Download:  Android 3.0 (5,4MB) / iOS 8.1 (28,7MB) / web (user access)

Price: free

Language: Spanish

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 29/10/2014 (v. 2.0) – iOS 08/01/2017 (v. 2.1)

Website of the developer:  Asociación para la recuperación de olivos yermos de Oliete

Notes: article updated on 13/01/2017


Apadrina un olivo (Sponsor a olive tree) is an original experience of rural development that is taking place in Oliete, a small village in the province of Teruel (Spain). Basically, the aim is to recover the centenarian olive trees for which this town has been known since the time of the Roman domination of the Peninsula and that the time and the lack of generational replacement have condemned to the abandonment in agricultural work. To achieve this goal, developers have developed a sponsorship program under which have created a mobile app, “Mi Olivo” (My olive tree), through which you receive personalized information about olive trees, plus news and initiatives promoted by the association.

The application, whose download is free, begins with a brief summary that offers the keys to the project. The last screen allows the access to registered users. Opening an account has a cost of 50 €/year, amount with which is financed the recovery project. This fee include the shipping of two liters of olive oil per year of your olive tree (shipping to overseas countries has a surcharge).

Access to the user area is performed entering the email and password requested in the process of opening the account. The application has 4 tabs:

  • “Mi olivo” (My olive tree), from where you can name the olive tree that you have selected. This section allows to track the various tasks performed on your tree, receiving notifications and photographs.
  • “El pueblo” (The town), where a brief description of Oliete and farm in where your tree is located is made.
  • “Mi cuenta” (My account), section in which are collected your personal data.
  • “Contacto” (Contact), space to contact the farmer who take care of your olive tree and ask him/her your doubts.

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Images: Screenshot 23/07/2015 ©Asociación para la recuperación de olivos yermos de Oliete



“Apadrina un olivo” is, without doubt, an initiative that goes beyond the purely technological. The project to restore the olive grove, a tree species par excellence of the Mediterranean landscape, is becoming a catalyst for this small town of Teruel, creating jobs, attracting tourists (you can go to “visit” your olive) promoting social inclusion (working with ATADI), reducing the carbon footprint and making the name of Oliete better known thanks to the many accolades that the project is getting. However, also in the field of apps has set a precedent by designing an application that, in a way, forges a link between godfather and olive tree and that allows “to communicate” with the tree. The association itself says that the application is a bit limited, something that can be concluded from this analysis. This is the only reason which this app receives a low score (remember that in this website is analysed the application, not the project itself, which can only receive best wishes). However, among immediate objectives is the development of a new version with more content and functionalities. When this update is available, the review/update of this analysis will be carried out. Mention as a positive point the interesting use made of QR codes as a way of identifying the olive trees.

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