Changers CO2 Fit measures the distance travelled, calculates the amount of CO2 saved, and rewards you with bonus points, which we call ReCoins

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Download: Android 4.3 (12.51MB) / iOS 8.0 (78.5MB)

Price: free (offers in-app purchases)

Language: English / German / Spanish / French / Polish / Slovakian / Czech / Hungarian

Runs offline: yes

Last update: Android 05/02/2017 (v. 3.3.3) – iOS 29/01/2017 (v. 3.3.0)

Website of the developer: Changers


  • On 20/05/2016 mistakes related with the online and offline functioning of the application have been corrected
  • Article updated on 11/02/2017


Changers CO2 Fit is an application that allows you to calculate the savings on the carbon footprint that you get by walking, cycling or public transport, a key issue in the fight against climate change. To make the task more enjoyable, the application uses gamification techniques, allowing you to compete against other users. It is an especially useful tool for businesses, which can introduce its use among employees as part of its policy of corporate social responsibility (here you can see the page  corresponding to the University of Bayreuth in Germany).

To use Changers CO2 Fit you have 2 options:

  • Install Moves  (Android 4.0.3 / iOS 9.0), a tool that runs offline and it will measure the distance between one point and another (in the tests carried out has not proved to be very accurate), transferring later the data to Changers (to connect both applications, just follow the instructions that will appear on the screen), that will show you the values regarding your carbon footprint (the sync may take a while). The last update has improved somewhat this option with the inclusion of a semi-automatic mode based on a pedometer previously installed on the smartphone.
  • Use Changers directly, clicking on the corresponding symbol. Transportation-related symbols will calculate your CO2 savings, while nutrition or physical exercise activities will provide you with ReCoins. Although the transport calculation works offline, it is much more accurate when the phone is connected to the internet (if you have no connection and appears a message warning you about it, click “Cancel” repeatedly until you may access the home screen).

Although you can use Moves anonymously, to utilize Changers it is necessary to register (you can do it with your Facebook account). The reference values have been taken from the German Federal Environment Agency.

The ReCoins are the way in which Changers makes effective the COsaving. It is a digital currency whose progressive accumulation can be exchanged for various rewards. One of the latest updates has also added to the Android version the possibility to see to how many trees is equivalent your carbon-saving.

Companies can organize a challenge to which employees can join later. For the opening of a challenge, it is needed to send an email to

The application, from a menu located at the top left, allows the access to 4 categories: Home; Activities, showing data on kilometers and CO2 saved; Challenge, where you can check your position in the ranking in relation to other users; and Rewards.

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The carbon footprint is an indicator that measures the impact of your daily activities by calculating the emission of CO2. In this case, only takes into account the effect caused by transport, one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHGs), but which is, however, an activity with a wide room for maneuver because personal decisions are very important in its incidence.

Changers CO2 Fit is, therefore, an interesting utility that allows people to visualize how a change of behavior in which it opts for forms of sustainable travel (public transportation instead of private vehicle, for example) has a positive effect on the environment in the form of a lower CO2 emissions. The application is easy to handle, since the user only need to select the mean of transport. However, a good tutorial is missing, since the Activities tab has a number of configuration options that are not well explained. Regarding possible improvements, it’s also missing a clearer explanation about what the ReCoins are, why can they be exchanged (texts are in German), as well as the cost for companies to organize a personalized challenge. However, generally, is a quite useful app to collaborate in the fight against climate change and a way to involve companies in this task through a system that can be shared with their fans and customers.

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