Measure leaves surface areas, save your measurements, see the comparison of leaves surface areas, and add experimental crops and fields

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Useful information

Download: Android 4.2 (3.4MB)

Price: free (there is a paid option)

Language: English

Runs offline: no

Last update: Android 15/03/2016

Website of the developer: Petiole


This application allows you to calculate in a simple way the surface area of the leaves (what is known as foliar area), an important variable for estimating plant growth or agricultural potential.

The use of the application requires opening a user account (if you only want to try it, you have possibility to use a demo version). Once implemented this requirement, you access to a screen in which the leaves whose surface has been calculated previously are stored. To perform the measurement of a new leaf, Petiole will ask you first to install OpenCV Manager, a small application that, among other features, allows detection and object recognition. You also have to print this file containing a chessboard, which it will allow you to calibrate the camera of the mobile device and get the value of the surface area (to start calibration, click the button with the + symbol). It is advisable to use some kind of plastic cover to crush the leaf (a transparent cover of a CD, for example). Also, if you need accurate measurements, from Petiole recommend using a stand to eliminate vibrations transmitted by hand and realize the calculations always from the same distance.

More information

Vyacheslav Bykov, ecologist: I have measured 10 plant leaves only in 3 minutes

Images: Screenshots 07/07/2016. © Petiole

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