AIRNow mobile application provides you real-time air quality information that you can use to protect your health when planning your day. You can get location-specific reports on current air quality forecast for both ozone and fine particle pollution (PM2.5).

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Download: Android (*.apk; 138 kb) / iOS 3.2 (0,2MB)

Price: free

Language: English

Runs offline: no

Last update: iOS 21/10/2011

Website of the developer: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


AIRNow is an app designed to alert to US inhabitants about air quality in real time. Offers information about tropospheric ozone concentration and particles in the air (PM2.5).It also allows data query for specific locations, in real-time and predictive mode. The mobile application is complemented by a map in which the messages are displayed through a color alert system

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The air pollution is a great problem in the cities. Therefore, the development of mobile applications that inform citizens, especially to the risk groups (elderly, children, the sick, etc.) is extremely useful. The tool developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows users the data collected by thousands of monitoring stations spread in US, Canadian and Mexican territory with a maximum delay of one hour. Is a very simple application that does its job, but the design is a bit poor.It would be interesting that tool would offer, for example, more detailed maps and no national maps. In the test made, the tab of “Health info” did not function correctly.

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