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Download:  Android 4.0.3 (11.81MB) / iOS 8.0 (23.2MB) / web

Price: Field Plan (€219/year) / Field+Profitability Plan (€299/year)  (trial period of 15 days)

Language: English / Spanish / Catalan

Runs offline: partially

Last update: Android 12/06/2017 (v. 3.7.1) – iOS 12/06/2017 (v. 3.7.1)

Website of the developer:  Agroptima

Notes: article updated on 10/07/2017


This application aims to facilitate the work of farmers, enabling them to keep up a farm register that collects information, for example, of phytosanitary treatments used and characteristics of the farmland.

To perform this analysis, randomly several plots of a winegrowing area have been selected, so the data shown in the screenshots have no rigor and are not subject to a real situation.

After opening a user account, either through the mobile application or the web, the application requests a rapid characterization of the farm. In this form, you have to indicate the municipality in which the farm is located, the total area and the main crop. Once this step is done, the following options are presented:

  • Field: this menu includes different options such as
    • Configuration, section in which you fill in the identification data of each crop, machine, customer, task, application product, worker, etc. Some of these sections, such as Products, are connected to the registration of phytosanitaries approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, so the product selection is done through a search by trade name. The application also includes a predefined list of seeds and crops. However, all sections have the ability to include new products, fertilizers, seeds and crops (for example, if you use any biological control, it may be included with this option).
    • Map, from where you can delimit the crops graphically, starting from, for example, the information provided by the Sigpac application, a cadastral geographic tool of the Ministry of Agriculture, or drawing the boundaries freely. The satellite images included to facilitate this task come from different sources, being able to activate one or the other from a drop-down menu located in the upper right corner, under the user profile.
    • Activities, option to register the different tasks (past, present and future) that are carried out in the field (fertilizing, harvesting, preparing the terrain, etc.) or the tasks that are carried out for the different clients.
    • Crops, section in which you can specify the area for each crop with an option to indicate the different planted varieties.
    • Stock, to register the variations in your stocks, (purchases, sales, losses or shrinkages or movements from warehouse to warehouse), specifying date, quantity, delivery note number or invoice, etc.
    • Analysis, where the data of the different analytics performed in both plants and soil or water are stored.
    • Reports, option to create the farm registers with the information recorded in the previous tabs. They can be downloaded in * .xls format.
  • Costs: this menu, incorporated into the “Field Profitability” payment plan, allows you to track the price of different parameters (personnel, machines, seeds, phytosanitaries, etc.), generating a report with estimated economic profitability by field and cultivation.

The mobile applications, which work without an internet connection and that they can be synchronized later (from the Preferences option you can disable automatic synchronization), basically serve to carry out the control on the ground, writing down the different activities in the fields or for the different clients and receiving communication of the scheduled tasks. They also allow the delimitation of the different plots or crops, being able to use as reference satellite images from different sources.

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Images: Screenshots 28/12/2016 ©Agroptima



It must recognize that this application goes beyond the purely environmental, entering into the agricultural sector and moving away, therefore, from the knowledge of who makes this analysis. However, as usual, it has tried to maintain the level of objectivity and rigor, hallmark of this platform. As commented, Agroptima, despite not being a purely environmental app, can be considered closely related to the foundations of sustainable development because allows a detailed control over treatments applied on crops and the tracking of traceability of the products, important aspects in a society increasingly concerned with the food you eat.

Since August 2015, when the first assessment was carried out, the application has improved its performance and features in a remarkable way, including increasingly useful functionalities for farmers together with an attractive and agile design. The application continues to stand out for the attention to the customer, with utilities of direct consultation via chat that serve for the resolution of doubts or problems. Within this service, the team of Agroptima has also included a free online training section that helps to get the most out of the application and which complements the video tutorials accessible at all times from the web version as well as from the mobile app. The fact of being able to visually delimit the plots is a point in favor, since it allows the use of this tool in small fields or even in greenhouse crops. Perhaps as an improvement for future versions it would be advisable to give a greater presence to products and tasks typical of organic farming, since it is a growing sector.

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