My name is Judit Urquijo and I am the CEO founder of this project, which was not born in a garage or in a council of wise persons, but it was conceived in a curious way: here where you see it, it began as a simple exercise of a course of content curation.

The practical part of the course was the search of a topic to develop a content curation strategy. After considering several options, I thought it might be interesting to join technology and environment: technological issue because it’s a subject that has always attracted me, although I do not consider myself an addict, and the environment because it’s the sector where I’ve developed my professional career.

When I started researching the potential of the topic, I realized there were very few websites where this issue was included regularly. So after the course I told myself, why not take advantage of almost 15 years experience in the environmental sector and of expertise acquired in multiple courses and you start to write about this kind of environmental technologies? So here I am, making an idea of a cold winter’s afternoon into a reality.

I began writing about environmental mobile applications (referred also as ecologic or eco-friendly apps, for example). However, little by little, I’m expanding the theme, incorporating issues related to the internet of things, wearables, sensors or big data oriented to the environment, elements that in certain cases keep connection with mobile applications that control them or allow the visualization of collected data. I downloaded and analyzed one by one all mobile apps analyzed so far with the aim of drafting an analysis as faithful as possible. In the future I hope also incorporate custom analysis of other devices (for the moment, I can only give you anything to know).

In the following presentation you can see the methodology that defines the work I do on this website.



I am convinced that technology can become a channel of communication, in an open book to engage people in knowledge and defense of the planet. I think it can be a means to unleash the imagination and design new tools that contribute to the common good, to surprise and encourage curiosity, to ask why and discover new solutions that improve our lives. Becasuse, as Peter Drucker said, «the best way to predict the future is to create it».


Judit Urquijo

CEO Founder of Greenapps&web


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